Where do great interior design ideas come from?  The inspiration for our designs is dependent on you.  Who you are and your lifestyle provides the direction we take when we design your perfect house.

I know that great interior design originates from a variety of sources – all of which have personal meaning to you, the client. By understanding how you want to feel in each of your rooms, and what other places and activities inspire those feelings, I can open up a world of inspiration that translates into fantastic interior design that is uniquely yours.

Color – Has a recent trip to a far away land brought forth visions of red walls or faux-painted stucco?

Texture – Does a lush basket of flowers resting on a sunny window sill remind you of carefree summers in the sun? These patterns and textures can enliven a kitchen and transform a sun-room.

Style – What inspires your style? Are you formal and sophisticated? Casual? Contemporary? What places do you escape to when you are treating yourself to ‘you’ time?

Interior Design Inspiration: It’s All About What Inspires You!
Kathy Wilson of Impressive Interiors a Allied ASID-certified interior designer works closely with you to explore and discover the inspiration and styles that are the perfect expression of you and the home you want to create. Your home is a reflection of you and the life you lead, which is an ever-evolving tribute to your experiences and the people you share them with.
I have a wealth of knowledge that stays abreast of the very latest interior design trends. I am pleased to share some of my favorite tips, trends, and style news and ideas with you.